Google Scraper Report Tool – Boon For Original Content Creators

With the emergence of content marketing after panda and penguin updates, it has become all the more important to have good content that not only helps you rank better in search engines, but attracts targeted crowd to your website.

So, when you create quality content, you want it to be your own property with all the rights and you don’t want someone to just copy it and put it on their blog. What do you do if someone copies your content and put it on their site without linking or giving credit to you?

Google have been facing this issue since long. In certain cases, they are not able to identify the actual content creator and the site who copies the content actually gets all the credit, which is wrong. Here is a video response from Matt Cutts few months back to similar question:

As per the video, Google does have DMCA system, but it can be cumbersome and time consuming process. To fight this issue, Google have recently come up with a tool (online form) where you can file a complaint against the website copying your original content. Here is the Google Scraper Report form which asks for your content URL, scrapper site URL and Google Search Results URL. It doesn’t guarantee any immediate action, but the data collected through this forms will be used to take action later on using the algorithmic changes.

So, what’s your take on this? Have you been facing this problem? What are your views on this new tool, let me know in comments!!

So, Google Adwords Quality Score Actually Help Reduce The Cost?

Hey Folks,

Just a quick post to show how the things have changed apparently for Google Adwords. After the introduction of +1 for adwords, few of the parameters importance have changed! I won’t go into much details on this (leave it for next post), but I would like you to see the screenshot I just took from one of my client’s account:

Top Quality Score - 10/10

The keyword has been blurred for obvious reasons. As you can see the keyword has achieved 10 out of 10 Quality Score, still it is struggling to show up on the first page. The bidding is moderate for this keyword, its not on the higher side as I’ve worked hard to achieve this quality score.

Here are the changes I made to achieve 10 out of 10 Quality Score:

  • Improved the keywords segmentation by collecting them into tightly knit adgroups
  • Changed the ad copy, included DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) in titles
  • Changed display URL to make it more relevant
  • Added few keywords on landing page in title and content part.

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is not that great on this keyword, its near 1% which is ok. We have seen great CTR at around 10-15% on highly searched keywords. Can this be the reason for lower ranking? Also, the keyword is long tail, and very specific to the niche we are in, including the city name. The keyword is in Phrase match, to avoid extra clicks that can improve the CTR.

I know one way to improve the ranking is by increasing the bid, but that’s not what I want to do. Do you see any other way out to improve the ranking of the keyword? Let me know in comments below!

How To Create Google Plus Business Pages

Well, they said they were working on it, and finally it’s here. Google plus has come up with Business Pages, a similar concept to its arch rival facebook fan pages. Announced on Monday, now you can add your favourite brands to your circle. This gives business a chance to interact directly with the consumers and engage them with announcements, contests and more. Every business can claim their page on Google plus, whether it’s a small business or international brand, they can manage their social identity through business page.

You can check out +Kaushal Shah Google plus page and +1 it to keep in touch for latest SEO & PPC updates. Here are the steps you can follow to create a business page for your website or blog on Google plus:

Follow the link to create page. You need to login if you are not already logged in, and then you will be taken to this page.

Google Plus Business Page Categories

When you choose the correct category, fill up the details. If you select, local business or place, it will ask for your phone number. If you are using the same account for Google Local Business Center, it will fetch all the information from LBC to plus. Easy, isn’t it?

Google Plus Business Page Integration With Google Local Business Center

Make sure you choose the correct category, as there is no facility to change the categories right now. May be they will introduce this in future! If you choose other categories apart from Local Business, you will be allowed to fill the form with respective details!

The next step is to upload the image for your business page. Mostly this will be your logo. You can also edit the image using picnik.

Google Plus Business Page Profile Logo Upload

The next step is to get followers for your business page. You can share the created page on your stream and start attracting new followers.

Get Followers To Your Google Plus Business Page

This is how your page will look like once everything is done. I’ve also posted a welcome message for new followers.

Google Plus Business Page

It is very easy to maintain your profile and pages using the simple interface. If you have multiple pages, they all will be listed in the drop down.

Google Plus Business Page Management

Introducing Direct Connect

Google Plus is also introducing “Direct Connect” which will make it easier for people to find Google Plus Business Pages right from the main Google search. Just put a “+” and then the business name you want to find a Plus page for, and if it exists, Google will take you directly to it. Here is an official video that explains it better:

Stay tuned for more updates, as the plus box (similar to facebook fan box) which can be integrated on websites and blogs is coming soon.

Here are the few questions that come to my mind for which I would like to have the answers in the comments below:

  • Is it really going to be huge or will it be just copy of Facebook fan pages?
  • How will features like hangout help small businesses?
  • What kinda new features we might see in the future? Would you like to have page customization features like facebook?

Google+ For Business – SEO Game Changer

First came the Google+ button and as an SEO, we were discussing the effects on SEO by Google+ button, and now everybody seems to be talking about the latest love of social media, Google+. The G+ is still only for personal profiles and they actually denied people creating business profiles saying that Google+ For Business are coming soon with selected businesses. The form was open till 15th July for businesses to apply for business page and guys at Google will select diverse set of businesses which will have Google+ business page as on testing purpose.

One of the business pages I came across is Ford. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference right now, but I am sure guys are working on it. As you can see in the screen shot below, the big and bright “Test Account” button denotes that it is still under testing.

According to Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, this business page is actually helping Ford to rank better in Google search results. As he is connected to Ford via G+, when he searches for “Car”, Google is showing the ford homepage in search results mentioning that he is connected via G+. More details can be found here. So Google has already started manipulating the results according to the user’s likes and connections. We all know about social search and enough has been said on the topic, so just as more “Likes” on facebook or more re-tweets on twitter affects the rankings, do you think more pluses will help brands rank better in Google? Let me know in comments!

P.S. Just to share the popularity of G+, have a look at the graph below:

Improved Adwords Home Tab – Account snapshot, Customization and more

I know it’s been really long that I’ve written on my blog. I’ve been too busy with the launch of the new Internet Marketing Institute called DIIM. I’ve been preparing content, course guidelines and taking lectures for the first batch of SEO Training in Ahmedabad.

Today, I am going to talk about Google Adwords latest update on home tab. It used to show only few details on home tab like daily clicks, graphs etc, but the new improved version has lot more to offer. It allows you to customize the look so that you can see the data that matters to you the most.

Here are the screen shots of my account:

According to official Google Adwords official blog post, this feature was suggested by many advertisers, “Many advertisers have told us that they want a quick snapshot of account performance and a summary of any important problems to address. However, the details vary quite a bit: Some advertisers want to quickly identify any keywords with bids below their first page bid estimates. Others might want to focus on campaign-level metrics before diving into keyword stats or use a graph to quickly identify any major fluctuations in performance. In short, customization is key!”


Once you click on “Customize columns”, you get many different customization options.

The modules on the Home tab are based on saved filters created on your Campaigns tab. This provides you with the flexibility to define exactly which metrics and sections of your account are important to review right when you log in.


Let me know in comments how have you customized your home tab to get the most out of this new feature?