So, Google Adwords Quality Score Actually Help Reduce The Cost?

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Just a quick post to show how the things have changed apparently for Google Adwords. After the introduction of +1 for adwords, few of the parameters importance have changed! I won’t go into much details on this (leave it for next post), but I would like you to see the screenshot I just took from one of my client’s account:

Top Quality Score - 10/10

The keyword has been blurred for obvious reasons. As you can see the keyword has achieved 10 out of 10 Quality Score, still it is struggling to show up on the first page. The bidding is moderate for this keyword, its not on the higher side as I’ve worked hard to achieve this quality score.

Here are the changes I made to achieve 10 out of 10 Quality Score:

  • Improved the keywords segmentation by collecting them into tightly knit adgroups
  • Changed the ad copy, included DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) in titles
  • Changed display URL to make it more relevant
  • Added few keywords on landing page in title and content part.

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is not that great on this keyword, its near 1% which is ok. We have seen great CTR at around 10-15% on highly searched keywords. Can this be the reason for lower ranking? Also, the keyword is long tail, and very specific to the niche we are in, including the city name. The keyword is in Phrase match, to avoid extra clicks that can improve the CTR.

I know one way to improve the ranking is by increasing the bid, but that’s not what I want to do. Do you see any other way out to improve the ranking of the keyword? Let me know in comments below!

Google Social Search – Find your friends’ updates on Google

I would consider last week as Social Media week. News sites and internet marketing blogs haven’t had enough of Bing’s Twitter and Facebook deal along with Google shaking hands with Twitter for another great deal, now we have Google Social Search.

What is Google Social Search?

Google social search which is still in beta can be opted in through Google labs. It is nothing but an amalgamation of updates from your social network status updates in one place. e.g. if you are searching for “New Zealand”, Google social search will show updates, twits and photos of your friends who have had their last vacation in New Zealand.

According to Google Blog:

A lot of people write about New York, so if I do a search for [new york] on Google, my best friend’s New York blog probably isn’t going to show up on the first page of my results. Probably what I’ll find are some well-known and official sites. We’ve taken steps to improve the relevance of our search results with personalization, but today’s launch takes that one step further. With Social Search, Google finds relevant public content from your friends and contacts and highlights it for you at the bottom of your search results. When I do a simple query for [new york], Google Social Search includes my friend’s blog on the results page under the heading “Results from people in your social circle for New York.” I can also filter my results to see only content from my social circle by clicking “Show options” on the results page and clicking “Social.”

I was searching for “Bajaj Pulsar” and got a blog page of one of my colleague Jaydip Parikh. Here is the screen shot:


How Does it all Work?

Now, you will think that how does Google know your friends and connections? Here are some of the main sources that Google counts to connect to your friends according to Matt Cutts:

• Google Public Profiles

The most obvious source for Google to look into their own data. Here they can find your other social network profile links, blog links etc, which makes it possible to find your other contacts on twitter, facebook or myspace.

• Google Talk Connections
All your gtalk connections will be added to your social network and updates from them will be shown to you.

• Google Reader
If you have subscribed to some blog in your Google reader, the updates from blog will be shown on the search results.

• Extended Network
If you are friend with someone and he / she has 10 other friends, there is a good chance that some of them might know you as well. So, this extended network friends’ update will be also be shown to you in the search results.

Here is a video from matt cutts, that show how does it work?

I think this will really change the SEO game. The real time search craze is getting heat and will change how the sites are ranked, although the social search is turned on only when you are logged in to Google.

Do you think Search engine optimization experts now will have hard time getting the ranking or they will find a way through as usual? Do you think social media will be spammed now like never before in order to get ranking on Google?

Google Puts Video Ads in Search Results Now (Test)

Its been long since Google introduced Video ad format for Adwords Publishers, but those videos were showing up only on Network websites who have opted to show Google adsense on their website or blog. Recently Google has been testing video ads on the search result pages. Sounds funny? Not really. Normal users are already familiar with the famous plus (+) sign that shows with some of the local search results. Just like that users will be able to click on plus (+) sign and watch the video right there on the search results page.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works from searchviews:

  • A paid search ad shows up on a Google as normal, but also includes a small link to preview a video.
  • If a user clicks on the headline link as normal and goes to the brands website, as cost per click is incurred.
  • If a user clicks on the (+) and expands the ad to watch the video, a CPC is incurred.
  • After clicking to watch the video, if the user clicks through to the brand’s website, an additional CPC is not incurred.
  • Only 1 CPC is ever incurred per 1 impression

The post from searchviews inspired me to go to youtube to watch one of my favourite movie song from “Satte Pe Satta”. The ads showing up in the bottom of the video were really annoying and distracting my attention. Please have a look at the screen shot attached. The most annoying part was that ad was not at all relevant to the video. I really don’t want to see a car ad on my favorite video.

On one hand Google puts “User Experience” at the top of the priority list, and on other hand they are behind ad revenue. Do you really think putting ads everywhere will make the user experience better??

The -T- Factor. You are not on twitter yet??

One of the common question I often get in  my email is “What’s your twitter handle?”; and I reply them “You can follow me @kaushalshah.” So, what’s all this twitter thing?

Twitter is a microblogging social networking site where you can post your daily updates which you can’t share with your friends, family and coworkers via blog or email. According to twitter, it is a thing between blog and email. You can’t send email to all your friends that you are enjoying a nice Cappechino at the Café Coffee Day near your office, but with twitter you can. You can share anything and everything that you think can be sharable to public.You can also see what your friends are upto and reply them.

You must be thinking that twitter is for teenagers who want to have fun while at college. Not Really! Twitter is being used as one of the marketing tools not only by small and medium businesses but also by large corporates. Just like @southwest airlines is updating its flight schedule and timings on twitter, it can make it really personal for your audience.

Here are some tips on how you can use twitter to market your business to large audience.

Engage everyone in your office on Twitter.

It may sound weird, but yes, make everyone twit about their own work and personal life. This will increase the buzz about your company on twitter and will help you in branding your product or service.

Connect with Big Guns.

Connect with bloggers, influencers, leaders and media persons from your industry and make good relations with them. It is far more easier to connect with someone famous on twitter than calling them or emailing them.

Post special announcements, deals etc.

You can post special promotions, deals or freebies on twitter and attract targeted audience.

Promote your company blog, article, news etc.

You can easily post links to your company blog, news or articles on twitter and let your followers know about it in a flash. I often post my new blog posts on twitter.

You can search for specific topics on twitter search and find out what people are talking about. Here is how I find out what people are talking about me. Same way you can monitor conversations and buzz about your brand or company. Here is a good reading on how marketers can use twitter.

Here is a nice funny animation video that will clear up on things what twitter really is.

Don’t forget to follow me @kaushalshah.

Finally Got Through Google Adwords Professional Certification

Hey All,

Just to share the good news with you all, I got through Google Adwords Professional Certification last sunday with flying colours.

Google Adwords Individual Certification


Google Adwords Qualified Individual Exam specifications have changed now. The passing level has been increased to 85% from 75%, and other minor changes regarding the New MMC (My Client Center) linking. More information can be read here.

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